Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an area of dentistry and commerce that’s increasing in popularity. More people than ever consider a bright and white smile to be a regular part of their look.

Just like haircuts, waxing, and tanning, many people take the opportunity to have whitening done whenever possible. What do you need to know about it?

If you’re interested in improving the look of your smile, the most important thing you can do is see a dentist first.

The key to a healthy smile is in a healthy mouth.

You’ll want to give attention to any problems going on in your mouth before worrying about tooth whitening. Once you have a clean bill of oral health, you can feel good about moving forward in investigating your professional whitening options.

Some people opt to whiten their teeth at home with whitening tooth paste, gels, or strips, but some find the results more dramatic when they seek professional teeth whitening instead.

There are a few approaches you could take:

Talk to your Dentist

Most dental practices work in cosmetic dentistry and have the tools and equipment do to professional whitening treatments.

Most will do surface whiteners, teeth bleaching treatments or laser whitening in their office when requested.

Some options last several months and patients may opt to have a whitening treatment done after their six-month cleaning and check-up.

Go to a Whitening Clinic

Today, there are teeth whitening clinics open that are set up like store fronts, much like a spa or hair salon. You can book an appointment and pay for a cleaning or whitening as and when you need it.

Which is best?

Surface whitening cleans the teeth. If you used a baking soda toothpaste, you may see similar results after several weeks of use.

Bleaching tends to have a more dramatic set of results. And, laser teeth whitening is often said to be the most dramatic option due to the laser and bleach combination penetrating the enamel and resulting in a more dramatic white smile.

Good oral hygiene is your best defense for a beautiful smile but there are some great options out there that could definitely help.

Your best bet is to get the green light from your dentist before trying any professional teeth whitening options.