How To Know What To Eat During Pregnancy

It is very important that you eat a balanced diet when you are pregnant to help with the growth of your baby. Even from the first day you find out you are expecting you need to analyze your diet and make any changes as necessary. The first trimester of pregnancy is crucial because that is when your baby’s brain is developing. You can also take prenatal vitamins to help, but you also have to watch what you eat even when you are having cravings.

1. Analyze your daily eating habits. Do you tend to eat a lot during the morning or later in the day. You want to make sure you are eating well at all meal times during the day. When you are pregnant you want to be sure you are not missing a meal, especially an important meal like breakfast. If you are on the go a lot you may want to pack a baggie of healthy snacks to keep you going until you get home.

2. It is also important to make healthy food choices through the morning sickness process. If you are one who experience morning sickness, monitor it. If it is worse at a certain time of the day, try and make sure you get nutritious food at other times of the day. This can be one of the hardest things to do just because you do not have much of an appetite.

3. Get your rest. Make sure you get plenty of rest and even naps during the day if your schedule allows. It’s hard to get energy to even think about a meal when you are pregnant, and you really need your rest when you are pregnant. Ask for help from your significant other to help around the home to ensure you get the proper rest.

4. Eat slowly during mealtimes. The baby is pushing everything up so it takes a lot longer to digest your food. Savor every bite that you take or you may feel uncomfortable for a couple of hours afterwards. This can be really difficult if you haven’t ate in awhile and are feeling really hungry, but feeling uncomfortable after a meal is a lot worse.

5. Ignore the cravings. Only allow yourself some cravings if you know you are eating healthy, but you do not need them at all. When I was pregnant I always had cravings for junk food, and it was hard to resist. You may not experience any cravings at all during your pregnancy, as all pregnancies are different.