How To Get Rid Of Body Odor

There is a myth among the common people that sweat causes the unpleasant smell coming from the body but according to the skin experts the sweat has no odor of its own. Actually when sweat comes in contact with the bacteria present on the surface of the body then the foul smell appears. Many people believe that chemically produces deodorant best deals with body odor. But they should remember that there are natural remedies available which are affordable and very effective. The natural remedies provide a proper treatment in removing the body odor. It is essential to follow the three crucial  steps in getting rid of body odor:- firstly shower your body properly, Secondly pat dry your body and lastly apply any of the following  things on your body which are mentioned below:

Take apple cider vinegar and apply under the armpit. Apple cider vinegar helps in preventing the growth of bacteria as it changes the pH of the skin.

Green tea extract can also be applied on the underarm as the substitute of deodorant.

Witch hazel which is an important antiseptic can also be used.

Tea tree essential oil can also be considered as an alternative for removing the body odor. Tea tree oil is an active anti-microbialagent which helps to prevent body odor by removing bacteria.

Grate/rub the turnip on cheese cloth and then squeeze the juice extract and apply it on each underarm. This can be considered as better alternative of the deodorant.

White vinegar and water should be allow to mix and then try to soak it with cotton walls and then this should be wipe down under the armpits.

It should be kept in the mind of the users that natural remedies mentioned above kills the bacteria that is responsible for causing smell but may not prevent the sweating. It has been scientifically proven that body sent is a reflection of what an individual eats. So if a person is suffering from a body odor then he must consider what he is eating. The consumption of meat and dairy product should be reduced in case of foul smelling coming from the body. Such people should include more green leafy vegetable in their diet. It has been found that normally heavy meat eaters suffer from body odor and therefore they should try to avoid it to some extent. Though the new healthy diet may not stop perspiration from the body but it will definitely reduce the bad smell coming from the body. That is smell may not be as bad as before. As per the advice from the health experts people are now dependent on zinc (30 mg daily) supplement in order to get rid of body odor. Its impact regarding the improvement has been found within two weeks. But remember not to consume high doses of zinc as it is increases the risk of prostate cancer and also upset the stomach. So consult the dermatologist before taking this supplement.